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Innovations Therapy is a private practice that provides better feeding and digestive care from birth up. Whether your child needs lactation or bodywork support or constipation care, I believe the whole process from “in to out” should be comfortable, nourishing, and fun!


I offer evaluations, individualized treatment, and free 15 min consult calls to see if these services are right for you.

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Constipation and Incontinence Care

I am trained in treating the pelvic floor with speciality in pediatrics. My approach takes into account the whole body including the nervous system, posture, feeding and the musculoskeletal system.

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My first passion, from early bottle and breast feeding as a certified lactation counselor to those first bites of solids, my feeding approach is a holistic one incorporating oral motor, sensory and movement.

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As a certified infant massage therapist I believe in the power of touch, I believe bodywork can be a modality towards better feeding and digestive care in addition to improved movement and posture

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Education is another passion of mine. I believe in the power of being proactive vs reactive; as first and foremost a general pediatric OT. I love educating on all topics from tummy time to fine motor skills.

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Meet Amalia

Hi! My name is Amalia, but I have always gone by Mali (pronounced Molly)! I have known I have wanted to be an OT since I was in middle school. I attended Ithaca College where I got my BS in occupational science and MS in occupational therapy. I have worked for over 14 years in pediatrics where I have gotten wonderful experience in a range of OT services including but not limited to schools, feeding, fine motor and sensory. In my spare time I like to cook (and eat), read, craft, nap and spend time with my family and friends and cats and dog.

Young woman

Certifications &  trainings

  • Certified lactation counselor (CLC)

  • Herman and Wallace Pediatric Pelvic floor 1 and 2

  • Herman and Wallace Level 1,2a, 2b

  • TOTS Training ®

  • Beckman Oral Motor 

  • John Barnes Myofascial

  • Barral Visceral Manipulation

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • How do I get started?
    It starts with a free consult 15min discovery call to determine if I can give you the best services you deserve. If we do determine this is a right fit we will set up a date and time. During the evaluation please bring up any and all concerns and comments. Evaluations are typically at least an hour. From the evaluation we will determine the best plan of care based on what I have seen in the evaluation and what works for you. Treatments can be anywhere from 45 to an hour
  • What if my child is scared of pelvic floor work?
    Anything new can be scary! I promise I will try to find the right balance between challenging your child without pushing too much. Again anything new can be scary especially involving the pelvic floor muscles, an area that kids (and adults!) can have limited awareness of, with children we do not do anything internal, there are many ways to check the strength and relaxation of the muscles without this!
  • What if my child has extensive sensory needs?
    Unfortunately we are limited to what is available in home. If I feel your child would benefit more from a clinic with more sensory offerings I can refer you to clinics in the area that may better serve you.
  • What days are you available?
    During the discovery call this will be discussed. At the current time Wednesdays are my main available day but I can be flexible depending on location, times etc.
  • Is pelvic floor therapy potty training?
    No! Pediatric pelvic floor training is usually for kids who have already potty trained who may be now experiencing leakage (I hate the word accident!) with bowel or bladder or those who struggle with constipation. Typically kids are at least 5-6 and up. Again, if you have any questions, please contact.


At this time, Innovations Therapy is private pay only. I am not in network with any insurance, Medicare or Medicaid programs. I will provide a superbill on request that you can submit to your insurance. It is your responsibility to precheck your out of network benefits policy. Please note Medicare and Medicaid do not take superbills. Payments preferred in cash or check but card payments also accepted.

Evaluations: $175

Treatment: $90

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Providing individualized care for you & your loved one

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(864) 280-0379  

(for general inquiries, non-HIPAA compliant)

Services are provided in the comfort of your own home within 20 miles of Easley, SC. If more than that please still contact, we may be able to work something out!

Please send us a message, and we’ll get back to you shortly!

Thanks for submitting!

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